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Why Sushma Service Partners?

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of service partners in the real estate business and how it works? Before that let us understand what service partner is?

What do you mean by Sushma Service Partner?

Sushma Service Partner acts as a middleman between a builder and a customer who helps you buying a house or commercial property. They are a part of the seller’s indirect sales force, which means they sell products and services on behalf of the seller but as an independent company.

They may also sell products and services produced by other dealers as well as those they manufacture themselves. And we can also say that Sushma Service Partners are consultants who are entrusted with the responsibility of selling estate projects by builders or developers.

Why do we need a Sushma Service Partner?

Being a service partner is the most useful opportunity for accelerated sales growth for your business in the next few months. Service partnership can be profitable for both the dealer and the partner. By choosing the right set of service partners, the seller is able to make a huge profit.

The service partner is ready to extend revenue by cross-selling or up-selling a brand new product to its existing customers and by getting further customers who have an interest within the new provider. The challenge is to find the right fit for both the seller and the potential service partner.

What is the role of the Sushma Service Partner?

Provide a complete suite of products and services – offering products and services from many different vendors enables a service partner to offer its customers a diverse product portfolio that meets the specific business and technology needs of customers. Service partners have an access to a vendor’s human and financial resources, including technical support, product and market training, marketing support including MDF (Market Development Fund) or cooperative funds, campaign templates, and more.

They sell ​​latest technology and deliver that technology products and services to customers. Their job is to get leads from sellers as some sellers continue to market their products and services on their own and then pass the received leads to their service partners for follow-up. They have the potential to increase margin depending on the volume of the product sold, additional discounts and revenue opportunities can be obtained.

Service partners embody added resellers (VARs), system integrators consulting services, managed service suppliers (MSPs), original instrumentation manufacturer distributors and freelance computer code makers. Several technology providers are partnering with service partners, including Microsoft Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM and Microsoft. A service partner is an individual or organization that provides services or sells products on behalf of software, equipment networking or cloud service supplier.

Importance of Sushma Service Partner?

If you go to a builder without a service partner, that builder will show you the same property that he has. But if you go to buy or watch any property in zirakpur through a service partner then the first benefit you will get is, you will get to see many types of properties in one place which makes it easy for you to buy a property and also saves your time. Buyers can connect with service partners after extensive due diligence and allow them to play an advisory role by giving them proper guidance. Having a service partner in the form of a consultant makes the property search process much easier and also increases the options for the clients. The service partner does not charge you even a single rupee, whereas if you go to buy a house through a broker they may charge some commission. Service partners will tell you every good and bad thing whether it is related to builders or about the location. That’s why whenever you go to see any place or house, go through the service partner only.They provide big discounts and great deals. A service partner can save you a lot of money by giving buyers huge discounts and great deals in the market.

Hiring a right service partner can save a lot of money of yours. The right service partner will not only negotiate effectively on your behalf but will also let you know about the hidden charges. A service partner may have a better understanding of the market than the buyer, so they can help you provide the best quality as per your requirement and budget. Finding the best home for you can be a difficult task. And it may take you a long time to learn about the market but a service partner would help you to find best location based on your requirement and budget.

Contacting a builder directly may not provide you with all the services and formalities required to be a property owner. But a real estate service partner can avail you all the necessary services like free site visits, pick and drop, documents, loan assistance, after-sales services etc. A marketing consultant may provide other home and after-sales services such as interior designing work or they may be able to provide you with a good service provider. This will help the buyer/investor to save their time or even money by availing services as per their needs and requirements.

Why choose us as your Sushma Service Partners?

We, Reality Solutions, offer a guaranteed best price across the Tricity. We work as a service partner with Right and Good Builders only who fulfils their commitment. We have an educated and a professional team that ensures you will not get disappointed if you choose us as your service partner for the Sushma Buildtech Ltd., Zirakpur.

How can you get in touch?

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